2020 Apple line-up revealed – How do you plan to display it?

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Apple has launched its latest range of new products with two new Apple Watches, a redesigned iPad Air, and an upgraded 10.2-inch iPad all unveiled at their WWDC annual developer’s conference on September 15.

With stock set to hit the shelves as soon as September 18, here’s a quick brief on the latest Apple range and how to securely display them to best effect in retail.


New iPad Air

iPad Air 2020

The biggest reveal of WWDC 2020 was the latest iPad Air. Now in its fourth revision, this year’s Air has enjoyed a major redesign and serious performance upgrade, taking many of its cues from the more expensive iPad Pro.

The Air 4 packs cutting edge processing power into a neat device with a 10.9-inch screen. This year it comes complete with USB-C allowing external devices to be easily connected and is compatible with both the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, which secures magnetically to the side of the iPad for storage and charging.

The Air is slated to be in stores in October.


The 8th generation iPad

iPad 8 Gen

The hugely popular garden variety iPad has received a range of upgrades in the 2020 model, with the main focus on power and performance.

Inside is the A12 Bionic processor, which is described as a powerhouse that delivers a 40 per cent faster central processing unit than is found in the iPad 2019 and also doubles the speed of the graphics.

Apple notes this improves tasks like working with high-resolution graphics and gaming.

The device works with Apple’s smart keyboard and also Logitech keyboards, along with the Apple Pencil. It continues to feature a FaceTime HD camera along with 8MP rear camera.

It hits stores on September 18.


The Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2020

This year Apple has unveiled not one, but two smart watches, with the Apple Watch 6 accompanied by a more affordable Apple Watch SE.

Both models are available in two sizes (40mm and 44mm) but the key differentiators are processing power and available features.

Apple notes the SE will be particularly good for children, who don’t require the full suite of features offered in the Apple Watch 6.

The Apple Watch is set to arrive in stores on September 18.


No iPhone 12

Missing from this year’s big reveal is the iPhone 12, which many speculate has been delayed due to COVID-related production and supply issues. It’s not expected to be too far off, however, with predictions it will be unveiled at a special event in October.


Showcasing Apple products

2020 Apple - Display Apple products

Of all the technology unveiled each year, Apple products tend to draw the greatest interest. This year is likely to be no different, with the 2020 range arriving in-store just in time for the crucial lead-up to Christmas.

So how can they be showcased to best effect?

The key to displaying the Apple range is to offer it somewhere prominent in-store where customers are drawn in to experience all the latest features.

That means retailers need to embrace a careful balance between security and customer accessibility.

Meanwhile, a range of accessories also complement the Apple range, like headphones, keyboards etc, and this is where retailers have the potential to upsell on each and every device.

Likelihood is, retailers also want to showcase the full line-up available and with Apple’s current range including tablets, watches and phones, the next box to tick on the showcasing list is display stands that cater equally well to various types of devices.


Display recommendation

When it comes to Apple and similar tech products, we recommend the InVue range. Offering state of the art security, InVue stands and displays cater to IoT devices, tablets and smartphones equally well, and facilitate the further secure display of the accessories that accompany them.

In the interim, the stands come complete with features like steel tethers, lockable cradles, and alarms, and are also available in options resistant to extreme force, so combat ‘snatch and grab’ or ‘swarming-style’ shoplifting.

Best of all this display range is designed to offer a seamless aesthetic that allows for complete customer interaction with products.

As you ready to showcase the complete Apple 2020 line-up that will soon be in-store, you can find out more about the InVue secure display range here.

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