Count your entire stock, including warehouse items, in minutes.


RFKeeper’s plug and play item-level RFID Inventory Management system enables you to convert your store in less than a day and count your entire inventory in minutes.

RF Keeper is compatible with existing AM or RF shopfront security systems and is ready to go when you are. So you can forget about the expense and hassle of enterprise IT integration.

Plug-and-play RFID solutions for fashion retailers.

Automated Inventory Counts


With RF Keeper’s ‘point and shoot’ technology you’ll complete accurate inventory counts in just minutes. Scan shelves and boxes from a distance, improve inventory accuracy and reduce stocktake carrying costs.

The days of physically manhandling merchandise items during stock-takes and wasting time on pre and post count organisation are over. What’s more, reporting identifies stock differences on the spot.

Merchandise Replenishment


Vitag RFID tags attach to apparel, footwear, eyewear and accessories, providing real-time visibility of stock levels in your store’s backroom and sales floor.

Never again omit newly-arrived stock left sitting unseen in the backroom, and generate replenishment pick-lists on the fly. Vitag RFID solutions make out-of-stock history.

Rapid POS Checkout


Slash customer checkout times by up to 50% with Vitag’s USB plug-and-play Smart POS Detacher.

That’s the end of barcode scanning and the beginning of shorter checkout queues and a better shopping experience.

Supply Chain Visibility


Process shipments efficiently, validate contents with packing lists, and identify exceptions on the spot.

Vitag’s RFID tags, terminals and handheld readers provide real-time visibility of shipments and stock levels across the supply chain.​

What They Say...

Vodafone NZ Retail engaged Vitag to carry out a national upgrade of our phone displays. The rollout went exceedingly well, especially considering the large number of variables in the stores which had to be dealt with.

The result made a huge difference to our customer’s experience, with products now working as they should and a sleek, modern, consistent look. We are seeing a much higher level of customer engagement so our team are very happy too. The security has been tested, with thieves failing to defeat the One60 Pods during a ram raid.

Vodafone is very satisfied with the outcome, thanks to the Vitag team and InVue.

Project Manager

Cue exclusively use Vitag for all our Electronic Article Surveillance needs. The professional team at Vitag ensure seamless installation and efficient, friendly service every time. The Vitag equipment not only looks good but has helped dramatically decrease our shrinkage throughout our stores.

Chief Operating Officer
Cue Clothing Co.
Vitag NZ