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Operational readiness at your fingertips

IoT solutions for store operations deliver the visibility you need, simply and effectively.


With two effective data solutions, we have the insights to inform your team.
Vitag offer two analytics platforms to support your store operations – merchandise and security management from InVue and traffic analysis from Cross Point.

Bespoke analytics for your business

Our Vitag team will work with you to implement analytics systems that deliver the data and insights you need to manage your stores effectively.

Improve conversion with InVue Live

Understanding how your customers interact with merchandise enables you to better manage displays and drive maximum conversion.

Plan operations around traffic flows

Accurate traffic counting with Cross Point enables you to optimise your staffing across the day – providing optimal customer service when you need it and streamlining costs.


Real time visibility of your store operations
Give your customers the shopping experience they’ve been looking for with InVue LIVE — the connected retail platform that tracks, monitors, and manages critical customer-facing activities with real-time visibility and control.

Specifically for electronics and telecoms retail stores, LIVE simplifies the who, what, where of access control. Facilitate secure and quicker customer service by customising user permissions and auditing activity in real-time.

Understand, measure, and report on critical store activities that impact sales, customer experience, and the bottom line across single, regional, and enterprise-wide locations.

Use device engagement data to understand store traffic, align staffing, track planogram compliance and effectiveness, and measure ROI from marketing initiatives.


Comprehensive store analysis and monitoring

Cross Point Analytics is the tool for all retailers looking to obtain insights on the performance of their stores, regardless of the industry you operate in. Through an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard and mobile apps, centralised POS and visitor count information enables you to carry out essential store performance analysis.

The Cross Point Analytics interface includes:

  • POS Data integration
  • Conversion & trend analysis
  • Counting & zones

Your store data is presented in a configurable, easy to use dashboard. Stores can be grouped in standard, custom or smart groups, making store comparison easy and complete. Map your stores graphically, including indicators to alert you to trends and outliers. Cross Point’s smart analysis provides you the data you need to manage store performance and motivate your teams.

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