Master data accuracy and inventory management with RFID
RFID technology is revolutionising the way the agriculture sector manages stock and inventory, are you onboard?

Automate your inventory counting

Eliminate human error

Maximise data accuracy and have confidence in your reporting

Count multiple items simultaneously with ease

State-of-the-art RFID for data driven inventory control
Reduce costs, eliminate aged inventory, and achieve complete visibility and accuracy throughout your supply chain.

Cloud-based and data-driven, the RFKeeper platform improves the speed and quality of your supply chain by providing a network of end-to-end features that manage every operational detail between item production and point of sale.

Flexible tags track almost any item
RFID tags can be applied to almost any item, from bales to pallets, boxes or barrels. Tags carrying critical data for your inventory and your inputs, such as production or harvest dates, allow you to streamline supply chain management.

Our technology keeps track of the precise location and condition of every inventory item, at all times. From production to manufacturing, packaging to shipment, through distribution channels to stores, our RFID system monitors and accelerates every step of the supply chain process, including the product life cycle within the store until the sale.

Real-time dashboard display & active management
Our dashboard displays actively update data categories on a well-organised interface, especially designed for your convenience.

The dashboard allows your team to actively manage all aspects of the supply chain for the constant improvement of your performance metrics.

Eliminate manual stock counting
Hours spent stock taking or carrying out manual counts are a thing of the past. RFID scanners are capable of rapidly reading high volumes of tags simultaneously and accurately, saving you time and labour units, while dramatically increasing inventory accuracy.
A tailored approach for every partner
As RFID technology evolves, producers of RFID systems must remain flexible, adapting to emerging industry requirements. Vitag and RF Keeper work together to develop RFID solutions that fit to your business. Our systems have been tested and evolved with some of the world’s most prominent businesses, and in the same way we partner with you to achieve the best possible result for your company, your people, and your customers.


“The world is changing. Some change with it, others stay ahead.”

– RF Keeper


We bring the world’s best retail solutions to New Zealand businesses.
Master end-to-end control of your supply chain, inventory and asset tracking with cloud-based RFID technology.
Mobile PoS

Deliver premium presentation and frictionless transactions with mobile point of sale solutions and tablet stands.

In-store Security
Provide a seamless customer experience, balancing product interaction, protection and store design.
Maximise visibility of your store operations and customer interactions with bespoke analytics solutions.

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