Join the global giants transitioning to full RFID

Pioneering the future of retail inventory management with RFID

RFID is your platform for true omni-channel operations and superior customer experience.


Join the global retail giants transitioning to full RFID
As momentum builds globally to adopt RFID inventory systems, will your business be onboard? Our flexible solutions make the future accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Experience inventory transparency

Gain end-to-end visibility and control throughout your supply chain, with exceptional inventory accuracy.

Revolutionise stocktaking

Count every store and distribution centre daily, with fast scanning technology and real-time analytics. Retail inventory management has never been so simple.

Fast installation

Roll out RFID in just a day per store, with plug-and-play technology compatible with your existing AM or RF EAS systems.


Simple, powerful, accurate

Cloud-based and data-driven, the Chainlane RFID platform improves the speed and quality of your supply chain. Our network of end-to-end tools enable accurate management of every operational detail – delivering complete stock transparency from production to point of sale.

Elevate in-store experiences
RFID is the platform that enables you to create capabilities like rapid checkout, ‘shop-and-go’ experiences, smart fitting rooms and instant replenishment alerts – changing the game for your customers and your store teams.
Increase efficiency and profitability
RFID revolutionises the role of your store teams and enables headcount optimisation. With dramatically higher inventory efficiency, our system assists your team to complete stock handling tasks in a fraction of the time – freeing them to focus on superior customer service.
Transform your stores into fulfilment centres
Inventory accuracy allows you to confidently fulfil orders from every store and achieve rapid home-delivery. Roll out RFID in just one day per store, with plug-and-play technology compatible with your existing AM or RF EAS systems.

Would you like to understand RFID better, or discuss it’s potential within your organisation?

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“Typically with the installation of RFID systems, businesses experience up to 99% stock accuracy, a 2-7% increase in sales, 100% shipping accuracy, and up to 50% decrease in shrinkage.”

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